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"Mini cluster Hadoop" para realizar tests de nuestra aplicación Big Data.
de Fernando Agudo - jueves, 23 de marzo de 2017, 15:01



hadoop-mini-clusters provides an easy way to test Hadoop projects directly in your IDE, without the need for a full blown development cluster or container orchestration. It allows the user to debug with the full power of the IDE. It provides a consistent API around the existing Mini Clusters across the ecosystem, eliminating the tedious task of learning the nuances of each project's approach.



The project structure changed with 0.1.0. Each mini cluster now resides in a module of its own. See the module names below.

Modules Included:

  • hadoop-mini-clusters-hdfs - Mini HDFS Cluster
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-yarn - Mini YARN Cluster (no MR)
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-mapreduce - Mini MapReduce Cluster
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-hbase - Mini HBase Cluster
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-zookeeper - Curator based Local Cluster
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-hiveserver2 - Local HiveServer2 instance
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-hivemetastore - Derby backed HiveMetaStore
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-storm - Storm LocalCluster
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-kafka - Local Kafka Broker
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-oozie - Local Oozie Server - Thanks again Vladimir
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-mongodb - I know... not Hadoop
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-activemq - Thanks Vladimir Zlatkin!
  • hadoop-mini-clusters-hyperscaledb - For testing various databases


Tests are included to show how to configure and use each of the mini clusters. See the *IntegrationTest classes.

Windows Support:

Support for Windows Developer workstations has been added. Note that only Window 8 and above are supported. Most of the project will work on Windows 7 except MapReduce/YARN, due to changes in Windows. See: Access Denied Windows 7



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